B Cube Classic Pergola

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Classic, B Cube is a flat-mounted Pergola Systems supported by front post model. Generally, the product installation points are; restaurants, cafes and entertainment places. B-CUBE Pergola Systems dimensions of the profile structures are the same as a standard. Water drainage is available on all four facades of the profiles sound, insulation and lighting options are available.

As of the new product group presented to your appreciation. B Cube in its won class, “One-button” opens and closes the louvers to 80 degrees while retracting. Retractable feature makes our product strong, and stylish adding value to your spaces with its 1 degree static working structure B Cube Pergola System 4mm with aluminium profile thickness is to made to withstand harsh weather conditions.

Ideal for: Hotels, bars, restaurants and premium leisure industry along with detached, semi-detached private houses.

Max width: 4000 mm

Max projection: 7080 mm

28 sqm is the maximum usage for a single system.