Crystal promotes a product range that were first developed in 2003, and since then, the latest versions are being sold and installed in over 55 different countries.

Based in southern Europe and servicing the entirety of Spain and Portugal, Crystal offers the best in market specification, with clear upfront pricing.

Crystal have collaborated with Rising Global, who are consistently developing the latest innovations in the creation of outdoor space throughout Europe.
The products are designed to bring a professional and architectural vision to the field of retractable pergolas, bioclimatic pergolas and awning systems, adding richness and functionality to the outdoor space.

Crystal have adopted the principle of sustainable management, while retaining the use of the finest quality materials. We see it as a priority to protect the environment with our eco-friendly approach.
With a background in commercial delivery, we understand what it takes to deliver a project, from inception to installation, while causing minimal disruption.

Our Values

The premier feel of our products, with the ability to create bespoke designs, allows us to provide a product that will live in harmony with the beautiful architecture found across Europe. We aim to contribute to and enhance the experience of spending time outdoors with friends and family.

We believe our competitive upfront pricing and collaborative approach will help you take the steps to transform your outdoor space into something spectacular.

Crystal are seeking established businesses throughout Spain & Portugal to display and distribute their pergolas, if you’d like to add a quality bioclimatic pergola to your product offering then please contact